Sunday, October 31, 2010


We are in an abyss!
The blithering darkness of selfishness!
Patriotic maniacs, throne maniacs,
religious maniacs, wealth maniacs,
violence maniacs, sex maniacs...
The maniac bloodsuckers wiggle within!
They suck the blood of our thoughts
and make our mind narrow.

Why the boundaries of my land?
Why not the diversity of my world?
Why the strength of power to suppress?
Why not the power of love to succeed?
Why the irony of religious wars?
Why not the metaphor of bondage?
Why the lust for money?
Why not the quest for empathy?
Why the cowardness of violence?
Why not the dare for peace?
Why the attack of lechery?
Why not the passion of torrid?

Who pulled us into this death well?
Whether the mistake of our forebears
(a mistaken long view for peace).......
or the crookedness of our co-beings
who take advantage from restraints.....