Friday, July 16, 2010


All of you were expecting my arrival!!!

To cool your hot day-nights,
to make a paradise with
prosperity and richness
in your future,
my arrival was essential.

When I arrived with a throbbing heart,
suppressing the waves of an ocean of sorrows,
you smiled; looking at my dark blue eyes.
You could not see the sobs spilling out
from my flickering eyes;
but your upcoming happiness and wealth.
You worshipped me with artificial flowers
made by selfishness and painted with false love.

Somebody murmured that
I’ll sow catastrophe and scarcity.
Not to cause any disaster,
I locked my black sorrows
inside my eyelids;
stood with a white smile.
But my heart choked with sighs;
they started brimming out.
You could not tolerate their heat.
You yelled out curses.

At last......
I decided to open my eyelids.
My psyche cooled;
My gasps condensed,
recovered their natural briskness.
I opened my eyelids slowly,
the tears rolled down.
It may create calamity and dearth;
But it’ll enhance your tomorrows!

For a moment,
did I lose my control?
Storm blew from my breaths;
Stifled grieves distorted to dark devils.
They held their hands together,
spat silver fire against you,
glided over you and roared,
cascaded with a bleak.
I disgorged all agonies;
It was the time for me to go.

Barsamin** will again melt
summer and drought here.
But you were celebrating my departure
and the arrival of spring.
The sun washed and whitened the charred clouds;
spread on the branches of the sky to drain.
He was amused by your carnival.
His smile reflected as seven colours
in a tear bead which I dropped on the way.
They played hide and seek
betwixt the tender clouds;
As a dancing peacock, with
the feathers of my colourful hopes,
I’ll again make up spring.

I watch the nature from a lonely corner.
The flood ceased;
emerald and gold glitter ubiquitously;
the spring sways you in an ornated swing;
the tear drops diverged from me
waddle to hug the sea waves-
wearing gorgeous silver anklets.
A tearful smile bloomed in me......

*Tsovinar- Goddess of water, sea, and rain in Armenian mythology whose fury causes rain to be shed from the heavens. Also says that Tsovinar was a mythological heroine who subjected to physical and psychological violence, but remained firm, rebellious and just. Thus she embodies the first Armenian mutinous woman, who openly opposes the society.
**Barsamin- God of weather and sky in Armenian mythology.