Saturday, October 10, 2009


I’m wandering....
in the loneliness of this desert, searching for my lost box, tied with yellow ribbon, in the hope of regaining it and returning to the shade of the oasis…..

It was that time.....

My life and mind were wilting
in the hot desert,
my hopes were coating
with dust in the sand storm;
an oasis appeared in front of me.
I unburdened my distresses there
to chill out.
The attack of the robbers
from behind the dune
was unexpected.
It was robbed...
The chest of my hopes...
It was robbed...

*A piece of yellow ribbon is used as a sign to show that people are not forgotten while they are away from home and that they hope that the person will soon return safely. The practice of tying yellow ribbon around trees began during the Vietnam War and was later used during the Iranian hostage crisis, the Gulf War, and the war in Iraq.

Friday, October 2, 2009


If I could melt as a moonstone
while the moonrays shed love
at this night...

If I could dribble down
into the chest of this moonlight
with a passion and coy...

If I could shatter
as the pearls of a silver anklet
on this strewed blueness...